Where the Wild Things Are!

During my trip to Jamacia, I became wild about Hope zoo and all the animals that lived there! I remember being fascinated by different habitats and the memories of feeding manatees and monkeys with my older cousins. But, what struck me most is at age twenty-two, my favorite reason for visiting the zoo was watching the animals come alive before my eyes.

At the entrance, ready to explore!

The koi pond and well-manicured lawns were an absolute delight!

However, the best part of Hope Zoo was getting the chance to meet all the animals that live here. The sweet snacking turtle was a bit shy at first but eventually struck a pose!

Next were the gorgeous pink Caribbean flamingos peaking through their enclosure, while having a drink of water.

And the miniature horses, who were walking around there stable socializing.

As I continued to walk around the grounds, I visited the squirrel monkeys, an ostrich, an African lioness, a whitetail deer, the macaws, and a zebra.

Ending a great afternoon filled with nostalgic childhood wonder 🙂































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