SnapChat 2.0

Living in a world, where selfies and social media go hand in hand, it’s no surprise that apps are popular among all ages. From instagram to snapchat, there are a zillion options to get your inner selfies glowing! For my app re-design I chose to work with snapchat as this is my favorite app for taking pictures and messaging friends! This assignment was both fun and challenging as with all photoshop projects. I added the known snap chatters icons to make the screenshot more accessible for new learners or pros, on the go! I also changed the “our story” to “your city” along with a known icon of the state to help make it easier to understand,  since snapchat uses geo location! By being able to make minot changes I was able to connect better with the app and make a few more New York  friends! thanks to city stories!

        Before                   After

UX Design Fails

From smart houses to biometrics, there is no doubt that technology is taking over planet earth. Remember the days of black and white television and no cellphones? Now we have virtual assistants to organize our lives and cars that start at the press of a button. However, there are still a few items that still don’t quite live up to 21st-century technological advances.

One example of a UX design fail is the Whats App delete message feature. Face it, we’ve all been in the position of accidentally sending messages to someone that wasn’t meant for them but thanks to this WhatsApp feature, we can delete it and pretend it never sent! However, informing the recipient that we’ve deleted the message, kind of defeats the purpose? Prompting the awkward response of ” Why did you delete the message?”

The second example of a UX design fail is the Service feature of the Movit app! Let’s be honest when you live in New York, the idea of a good-running transportation app is a necessity! Whether you’re a workaholic or a college student, no one wants to be stuck on a train mid-way to their destination. This screenshot does feature clearly written text. However, the highlighted blue neon writing tends to clash with the black background making it difficult for the commuter to read, especially at night. The symbols for the trains are also blurry, making it difficult to interpret Yikes!

The third example of a UX design fail is the Subway schedule of the Movit App. Again, I stress the importance for a good transportation app, because face it between long work hours or tons of assignments, the last thing you need is unreliable transportation methods. This screenshot does feature clearly written text, with a bit of contrast. However, it still lacks viability with symbols that help indicate which trains are affected. It also features a neutral color header with white text, that is not only hard to read but is visually dissatisfying for the commuter, creating frustration. 

User Persona Profile

Name: Daphne Singh

Race: Indian-Guyanese

Status: Married (one child, a daughter Lily Romena)

Location: Los Angeles, California

Education:  Bachelors of Fashion Design

Occupation: Stay at home mom

Income: N/A


Facts about Daphne

    1. Enjoys taking selfies with her daughter Lily
    2. Loves wearing make-up, especially Fenty beauty and Too-Faced
    3. Enjoys a nice Carbonara paired with a glass of red wine
    4. Highly creative
    5. Keen eye for fabrics and colors
    6. Knowledgable of latest fashion trends, Daphne is a monthly subscriber to Harper Bazaar
    7. Strong sewing skill – Daphne loves designing costumes for daughter, Lily.

Daphne Singh or Daph is a creative taurus, who before having her daughter, Lily earned a bachelors in fashion design and worked for the House of Zoe and Chlo, where she acquired both a sharp business sense and brilliant eye for superb detail. Her goal was to start her own fashion company, the House of Singh. Daphne planned to infuse her Caribbean roots with the artsy fashion style to give new meaning to LA fashion. However, life had different plans for Daph, she fell pregnant, a few months after signing the lease for her new fashion studio. Daphne, decided to settled down with her boy- friend of two years, Derek and become a stay at home mom.


Behavior:  Daphne enjoys using the craft ruler, as she is still able to have a little taste of the fashion designer life, whether it’s sketching out designs for play dresses for Lily and her friends or to marking out fabrics for Halloween costumes. Daphne loves that the craft ruler can be used as a teaching aid to explore mathematics with her 5 year old or . Daphne also loves that at the end of a busy day it can be stored easily when she’s on the go with laundry or cooking.IMG_9718.jpg







Hello Humans! We’re Drowning in Plastic!

In a world dominated by technology, it’s hard to fandom why our environment has fallen behind the times. With the introduction of smart houses, and the move to popularize self-driving cars, there is no question that  the world is beginning to look more and more like an episode out of Futurama. The idea behind technology is that it makes not only our work life easier but personal lives as well, affording us the opportunity to spend more time enjoying family, friends and traveling to new destinations.

But with these advances comes the strain of earth’s carrying capacity to sustain our growing society. Bearing the question, have you ever stopped to consider how much the environment does for us? Such as supplying the essential resources needed for our survival, from green plants for oxygen to breathe, rich soil for agriculture and wetlands to filter clean drinking water. Therefore, the environment  is regarded as the “human lifetime” because without the environment, people could not function accordingly. Bet you didn’t think having a green thumb mattered in 2019! But the truth is, there is no Planet B. So, with the increase in global warming, climate change and pollution, the earth has become bruised by human activity.

One main culprit in earth’s environmental crisis is plastic pollution. It remains the most imperative because it not only affects humans but wildlife as well. The production of plastic by factories releases many toxic substances, including Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC. It is considered the most toxic substance  to our environment as it contains chemical additives such as dioxins and phthalates that can evaporate into the air leading to chronic health conditions like cancer.

Apart from humans, marine animals such as the Hawaiian monk seals and Pacific logger head sea turtles are greatly affected by plastic pollution, because they are among a list of species that have been termed as endangered due to the consumption and entanglement of plastic litter. Trash like six-packs  rings and bags can clog their stomachs leading to poisoning and suffocation.

Plastic pollution also affects our water supply, as the plastic toxins found in our landfills can seep into the ground and run-off into main water sources such as rivers and streams, tarnishing our drinking supply.

Plastic pollution is also a contributor to air pollution, another culprit in earth’s environmental crisis. When plastic is burnt, it releases many toxic chemicals that can pollute the atmosphere, which not only damages green plants but can also lead to the development of respiratory aliments such as asthma and lung cancer as well.

In-addition to its harmful effects, the disposal pf plastic and its products including bottles and bags remains difficult to solve due to their non-biodegradable structure, which cannot be broken down naturally, causing an accumulation of waste material as it takes a few hundred years for plastic to completely decompose.

However, there are still steps that our community can take to reduce the effects of plastic pollution. Drinking from re-usable water bottles instead of single use plastic bottles, avoiding the use of plastic drinking stars and replacing them with reusable glass or stainless steel straws and using environmentally friendly bags when going shopping instead of single-use plastic bags.

Plastic waste can be reduced through the concise decision made through changes in our lifestyle or the recycling of plastic products lowering the risk of environmental impact creating a healthier and happier life.

Reflection Post!

I remember thinking to myself too many assignments and not enough coffee in the day! Luckily I had Thursday mornings to look forward to because if you get down with the memes then you know its CT 101 class baby. I can honestly say that CT101 was by far my favorite class this semester as it allowed me the freedom of expressing my passion for art to a network of individuals, who shared my thinking!

It feels like only yesterday, I was walking into this class, thinking to myself

Click here to read about mine.


By the end of the first week, I learned how to publish a post and create content that could relate to my viewers, or as I like to call them my network buddies. For this post, I had to express happiness in relation to the World Wide Web, or The Internet. One of my favorite pieces, I wrote because I got to share my love sweets! The video below was featured in my post!

Click on to read more. But if you thought this was fun! in CT101 we also got to make memes!!! Yes, you heard right! At first, I wasn’t so thrilled because I never really cared for them.

So if you’re interested in how I got hooked on the meme-making magic.
Follow the link below!

So if you’re interested in reading, click here

But then things got better! Professor Ryan introduced the Zine Project assignment! and I fell in love with CT 101 all over again. For this project, I was able to use both my Adobe photoshop skills and to create images to express technology as a powerful tool for communication. Below is one of the three images, I produced for my zine collaboration.
so if you’re interested in how I created this. Click  Zine Collaboration Project!
Oh, I almost forgot! We also got a chance to make an animated portrait in CT101. This project was created using a simple google image, a filter from and Adobe Photoshop!


my initial image before all the creative magic!
The end result  
Overall, I really enjoyed creating this project because it allowed me the freedom to truly express my creativity and progress of skills learned in CT101 this semester. The details to this assignment can be found here Animated Photoshop Portraits
Apart from the assignments listed, I also created my own website for CT101 which features everything that is Chelsea Romena! from college life to my love for traveling! Here are a few of my favorite blogs written A Dandy Adventure Into The World of Photoshop Candy!  Skeleton 2.0  Solar System: The Next Generation  (they can be found in the college category featured on my site). I also wrote about the different places I visited this summer, including Saint Jago de la Vega Cathedral  Rastaman Vibration and Home Sweet Home!
Go ahead and start reading! I promise you won’t be disappointed. However, I am saddened that Ct 101 has come to end. I am going to miss waking up on Thursday mornings, getting to see professor Ryan and making memes with my classmates! but all is not lost, I still have my website which I will continue to be blogging on because as a digital content creator can’t let my network buddies down! So Happy Holidays and cheers to 2020!!
Ps- Professor Ryan I am hoping to see an A+ on degree works for CT101 class because after all the hard work I have put into my assignments and website (detailed in my reflection). I deserve both an A+ and a glass of whiskey on the rocks!

Solar System:The Next Generation

Visual arts is the mantra behind human creativity because, without drawing, sculpting, photography, or painting, the world would be one-dimensional. Each form embodies an artistic purpose using a wide variety of tools and techniques to create one of a kind images. As an artist, I have found that mixed media was my favorite art form I worked with this semester. Today, I will be sharing the Solar System: Next Generation project I did for my Fine Arts 155 class!

First I gathered all my materials, then prepped my work station to begin my project.

Next, I sketched the background and arranged pieces of green-colored paper onto the Earth to create the mosaic effect.

I  continued to arrange the colored paper to build-up the mosaic effect, then used blue acrylic paint to color the Earth’s ocean.

Next, I used a combination of acrylic paint and colored pencils to add detail to my planets.

With the techniques set for the elements, I used my purple and white acrylic paints to color my background and create stars.

Overall, this assignment was one of my favorite projects as I was able to create an innovative art piece using the skills learned from my Fine arts class. So thank you, professor, Daphne!











Home Sweet Home!

Living in the “City that never sleeps” I have enjoyed many exciting New York attractions from electrifying, Times Square to the famous thrill ride, the Cyclone. However, only one place holds all the comforts of home, Turks and Caicos Islands, a charming archipelago nestled in the Atlantic Ocean. Apart from, its beauty Turks also has the world’s best beach; Grace Bay beach and delicious cuisine, including cracked conch and conch fritters. Below are a few photos taken during my summer break. 

The pristine, Grace Bay Beach!

The scenic pirate-themed galleria, Ports of Call.

While on vacation, I also enjoyed a fun day of  boating.

And dining on my favorite dish, cracked conch with peas and rice!





Zine Collaboration Project!

Being an artist requires not only learning to sketch or paint. As a studio art minor, it has exposed me to both the physical and digital mediums of art. My favorite project I did this semester for CT101, was the zine collaboration, a project where I could showcase my new skills using Adobe Photoshop! to express technology as a powerful tool for communication.

The first step was to find the images to create the base for my zine collaboration using

After choosing the images . I created my zine collaboration using a few easy steps! (I will be using image one to demonstate ) 

    1. First, drag the image from the browser onto the desktop.
    2. Launch the Adobe Photoshop application. Click on file then open to set the image inside the application.

3.Select the lasso tool, the thrid tool located on the toolbar by hovering the mouse over the icon,  . Click on the lasso tool to cut any unwanted areas off the image.

4. After cutting, click on to find an accent image to complement the piece. The Facebook buttons were perfect!

5. Re-select the lasso tool,   to cut any unwanted areas off the image.

6. Repeat steps 3-4 until desired image is formed.

7. After cutting out the images. Click on photoshop menubar and select File>New

8. Select New> Background content. Set desired background color. I chose Pink.

9. With the background set, I have created the zine collaboration image!

In the end, this assignment was fun for me, especially when using the lasso tool, which gave me more of a free hand movement, when cutting making the process less tedious! Creating beautiful images, I am proud to call my own. (second and third image are linked below)

















Where the Wild Things Are!

During my trip to Jamacia, I became wild about Hope zoo and all the animals that lived there! I remember being fascinated by different habitats and the memories of feeding manatees and monkeys with my older cousins. But, what struck me most is at age twenty-two, my favorite reason for visiting the zoo was watching the animals come alive before my eyes.

At the entrance, ready to explore!

The koi pond and well-manicured lawns were an absolute delight!

However, the best part of Hope Zoo was getting the chance to meet all the animals that live here. The sweet snacking turtle was a bit shy at first but eventually struck a pose!

Next were the gorgeous pink Caribbean flamingos peaking through their enclosure, while having a drink of water.

And the miniature horses, who were walking around there stable socializing.

As I continued to walk around the grounds, I visited the squirrel monkeys, an ostrich, an African lioness, a whitetail deer, the macaws, and a zebra.

Ending a great afternoon filled with nostalgic childhood wonder 🙂