Zine Collaboration Project!

Being an artist requires not only learning to sketch or paint. As a studio art minor, it has exposed me to both the physical and digital mediums of art. My favorite project I did this semester for CT101, was the zine collaboration, a project where I could showcase my new skills using Adobe Photoshop! to express technology as a powerful tool for communication.

The first step was to find the images to create the base for my zine collaboration using  https://unsplash.com.

After choosing the images . I created my zine collaboration using a few easy steps! (I will be using image one to demonstate ) 

    1. First, drag the image from the browser onto the desktop.
    2. Launch the Adobe Photoshop application. Click on file then open to set the image inside the application.

3.Select the lasso tool, the thrid tool located on the toolbar by hovering the mouse over the icon,  . Click on the lasso tool to cut any unwanted areas off the image.

4. After cutting, click on https://unsplash.com to find an accent image to complement the piece. The Facebook buttons were perfect!

5. Re-select the lasso tool,   to cut any unwanted areas off the image.

6. Repeat steps 3-4 until desired image is formed.

7. After cutting out the images. Click on photoshop menubar and select File>New

8. Select New> Background content. Set desired background color. I chose Pink.

9. With the background set, I have created the zine collaboration image!

In the end, this assignment was fun for me, especially when using the lasso tool, which gave me more of a free hand movement, when cutting making the process less tedious! Creating beautiful images, I am proud to call my own. (second and third image are linked below)

















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