User Testing Experience

Communications technology is a subject of great diversity from creating apps to user personas, I’ve become a C.E.O. Last week, my group Measure Tech inc got the exciting opportunity to product test our new line of rulers that aim to cater to the needs of business clients to every-day moms!

Below is the data collected from Measure Tech Inc’s research unit.

A three- point scale was used to rate each ruler, where the consumer gave the item a positive, negative and neutral score based on each ruler’s individual performance.

A bar graph was then charted to show the make-up of the written analysis from the data collected during the user testing experience. The key represents the rate of each ruler using a four-way color combo.

After reviewing both the point-system and graphs, the following feed back was concluded. It displays the individual write-up of each ruler with a catchy quote on their performance!

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