User Persona Profile

Name: Daphne Singh

Race: Indian-Guyanese

Status: Married (one child, a daughter Lily Romena)

Location: Los Angeles, California

Education:  Bachelors of Fashion Design

Occupation: Stay at home mom

Income: N/A


Facts about Daphne

    1. Enjoys taking selfies with her daughter Lily
    2. Loves wearing make-up, especially Fenty beauty and Too-Faced
    3. Enjoys a nice Carbonara paired with a glass of red wine
    4. Highly creative
    5. Keen eye for fabrics and colors
    6. Knowledgable of latest fashion trends, Daphne is a monthly subscriber to Harper Bazaar
    7. Strong sewing skill – Daphne loves designing costumes for daughter, Lily.

Daphne Singh or simply Daph is a creative taurus, who before having her daughter, Lily earned a bachelors in fashion design and worked for the House of Zoe and Chlo, where she acquired both a sharp business sense and brilliant eye for superb detail. Her goal was to start her own fashion company, the House of Singh. Daphne planned to infuse her Caribbean roots with the artsy fashion style to give new meaning to LA fashion. However, life had different plans for Daph, she fell pregnant, a few months after signing the lease for her new fashion studio. Daphne, decided to settled down with her boy- friend of two years, Derek and become a stay at home mom.


Behavior:  Daphne enjoys using the measuring tape, as she is still able to have a little taste of the fashion designer life, whether it’s designing play dresses for Lily and her friends or Halloween costumes. Daphne loves that the measuring tape can be worn around her neck for easy access when keeping up with her active 5 year old or when she’s on the go with laundry or cooking. Daphne also loves that at the end of a busy day with Lily, her measuring tape can be rolled up and stored easily.





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