Solar System:The Next Generation

Visual arts is the mantra behind human creativity because, without drawing, sculpting, photography, or painting, the world would be one-dimensional. Each form embodies an artistic purpose using a wide variety of tools and techniques to create one of a kind images. As an artist, I have found that mixed media was my favorite art form I worked with this semester. Today, I will be sharing the Solar System: Next Generation project I did for my Fine Arts 155 class!

First I gathered all my materials, then prepped my work station to begin my project.

Next, I sketched the background and arranged pieces of green-colored paper onto the Earth to create the mosaic effect.

I ¬†continued to arrange the colored paper to build-up the mosaic effect, then used blue acrylic paint to color the Earth’s ocean.

Next, I used a combination of acrylic paint and colored pencils to add detail to my planets.

With the techniques set for the elements, I used my purple and white acrylic paints to color my background and create stars.

Overall, this assignment was one of my favorite projects as I was able to create an innovative art piece using the skills learned from my Fine arts class. So thank you, professor, Daphne!











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