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I remember thinking to myself too many assignments and not enough coffee in the day! Luckily I had Thursday mornings to look forward to because if you get down with the memes then you know its CT 101 class baby. I can honestly say that CT101 was by far my favorite class this semester as it allowed me the freedom of expressing my passion for art to a network of individuals, who shared my thinking!

It feels like only yesterday, I was walking into this class, thinking to myself

Click here to read about mine.


By the end of the first week, I learned how to publish a post and create content that could relate to my viewers, or as I like to call them my network buddies. For this post, I had to express happiness in relation to the World Wide Web, or The Internet. One of my favorite pieces, I wrote because I got to share my love sweets! The video below was featured in my post!

Click on to read more. But if you thought this was fun! in CT101 we also got to make memes!!! Yes, you heard right! At first, I wasn’t so thrilled because I never really cared for them.

So if you’re interested in how I got hooked on the meme-making magic.
Follow the link below!

So if you’re interested in reading, click here

But then things got better! Professor Ryan introduced the Zine Project assignment! and I fell in love with CT 101 all over again. For this project, I was able to use both my Adobe photoshop skills and to create images to express technology as a powerful tool for communication. Below is one of the three images, I produced for my zine collaboration.
so if you’re interested in how I created this. Click  Zine Collaboration Project!
Oh, I almost forgot! We also got a chance to make an animated portrait in CT101. This project was created using a simple google image, a filter from and Adobe Photoshop!


my initial image before all the creative magic!
The end result  
Overall, I really enjoyed creating this project because it allowed me the freedom to truly express my creativity and progress of skills learned in CT101 this semester. The details to this assignment can be found here Animated Photoshop Portraits
Apart from the assignments listed, I also created my own website for CT101 which features everything that is Chelsea Romena! from college life to my love for traveling! Here are a few of my favorite blogs written A Dandy Adventure Into The World of Photoshop Candy!  Skeleton 2.0  Solar System: The Next Generation  (they can be found in the college category featured on my site). I also wrote about the different places I visited this summer, including Saint Jago de la Vega Cathedral  Rastaman Vibration and Home Sweet Home!
Go ahead and start reading! I promise you won’t be disappointed. However, I am saddened that Ct 101 has come to end. I am going to miss waking up on Thursday mornings, getting to see professor Ryan and making memes with my classmates! but all is not lost, I still have my website which I will continue to be blogging on because as a digital content creator can’t let my network buddies down! So Happy Holidays and cheers to 2020!!
Ps- Professor Ryan I am hoping to see an A+ on degree works for CT101 class because after all the hard work I have put into my assignments and website (detailed in my reflection). I deserve both an A+ and a glass of whiskey on the rocks!

4 Replies to “Reflection Post!”

  1. Great work Chelsea!
    This is a really great and thoughtful reflection!
    I love how it all flows, and how you have organized it – thank you so much for your dedication and commitment to our class and the classwork! Have a wonderful happy holiday and winter break!
    Thank you for sharing so much this semester!

    1. Thank you for your patience and great teaching methods this semester! It was a pleasure taking your class and Have a very merry holiday! 😉

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