Paper pro-types/Card Sorting

Spring 2020, wasn’t the semester, I initially hoped for, thanks to the COVID-19 virus all social activities have been canceled and worse off, I will be taking online classes for the rest of the semester, ugh. However, fun projects in CT 160 make up for the missed days.

For this assignment, I wanted to get a little more creative with my approach to paper prototyping/card sorting! What better way than to make colorful cutouts that express me as user analysts and my approach to enhancing the user experience!

PS: Although I missed class last Wednesday, I incorporated feedback from family members and friends to conduct my user testing!

First, I created a cut out of a desktop computer which, I sketched and outlined to make it more visually appealing for my research subjects!

Next, I created four separate computer screens to explain my card sorting theory using the latch method.

Afterward, I arranged the cutouts to describe the process of finding a course for an upcoming semester.

Step one:  Locate the course using the CUNYFirst (York College Course webpage). The user can find and choose course needed for majors and minors for an upcoming semester .

Step Two: Alphabetize each course by description and outline. Therefore, the user can get a small bite into the field of study and the expectations of the class before fully signing up for the class! 

Step Three: In this cutout, the method Time and Categorization are incorporated using a brand new feature of the CUNY First website! Professor Profiles, where students can get a little insight into their new professor. The categories of expectations, guidelines, experience and ratings will be listed along the side of each instructors profile while, the times that each course is schedule for will be listed by professor’s availability during the seamster, therefore students can plan when making their schedule!

Step Four: For the last cutout, the method of Hierarchy is incorporated using another new feature to the CUNY First website! Student Sharing! Where students of the same majors or minors can directly chat with each other to get and give feedback to help ease the process of choosing a professor. Therefore, a senior student in the field can rely information to an upcoming freshman

From the data collected, the user analyst received both positive and negative feedback during user testing! The use of cutout and vivid color scheme helped to engage the users, giving a clear representation of the methods of LATCH. However, some users felt that the process of card sorting needed a step or two more as the process felt a little rushed.

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