Mood Board + Flyer!

After a hectic weekend of too many assignments and not enough sleep, I was happy for a break! Communications Technology 160 is a class that has allowed me to explore my creativity! Thank You. For class this week, I was challenged to create a mood board and flyer for my final concept app design!

For my mood board, I wanted to capture the essence of homemaking! By combining a keen design thought and the essential principles of design such as  symmetrical balance, color contrast, and scale. The blue background gives a light and airy feel in constant to the sharp colors of the images.

For my event flyer I wanted to conceptualize both the layout and design elements to create a well-organized flyer that pays homage to a cause dear to my heart!  By combing contrasting colors, easy to read fonts and repetition. The Bake for Change event will surely be a hit!

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