Final Logo+Paper Prototype!

As I continue to work on conceptualizing my thoughts and ideas to ensure Chelsea’s Delights is not only a successful app but an efficient tool that both teaches and inspires new bakers to dream up delicious treats for any special occasions or a quiet night in!

For my logo, I decided I wanted to take the illustrations I previously designed and incorporate them into a simple logo that is feasible. The contrast of orange and lavender highlights the sweet treats that anyone can make using Chelsea’s Delights!


Similar to the first card sorting post, I created a cut of an iPhone to give a fun and creative approach to my method!

Next, I created three additional screens to explain the user flow of Chelsea’s Delights. To begin I scaled the logo of my app, which is featured in the first screen to conceptualize familiarities with the user like Snapchat with the white ghost and yellow background.

The second screen of my paper prototype features my bakery which I previously created in adobe illustrator. The user will be welcomed by the warm essence of my bakery! Looking at all those goodies who wouldn’t want explore, Chelsea’s Delights! 

The final screen for my paper prototype features the inside of my bakery, where users have access to my recipes, video demonstrations, icing techniques, and bakers chit chat. Similar to a menu board found at the bakery, where persons can order treats, my users will be ordering their custom teaching methods that suit their lifestyles. Chelsea’s Delights users will get a chance to meet me well, my avatar!

In conclusion, Chelsea Delights is an app which brings you delicious treats baked from scratch with love! But unlike traditional apps, Chelsea Delights brings the fun of the bakery at home! So grab that wooden spoon and let’s cream some butter and sugar already!

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