CUNY First 2.0

As a college student, I often find myself with too many assignments and not enough coffee in the day. So when it comes to quickly access my assignments or posting on blackboard. I should not have any issues. However, that is not always the case when using CUNY First.

One of CUNY First’s biggest problems is the notice of a violation error that pops up after clicking on my student center, which is not only an inconvenience when having to refresh the site’s page multiple times. But also affects the functionality of the website negatively.

Next, the general layout of the CUNY First is visually unappealing, as the color combination is bland and gives no appeal to its users. Creating no sort of balance or contrast.


CUNY First, also has no direct links to its major sections like Degree works or BlackBoard. Instead, I have to re-enter the same username and password in a new tab to complete my request?

The site also features, a shopping cart for class enrollment, swap and few other buttons that can help in the ┬ápicking of classes for the upcoming semester a bit easier. However, it can be still be updated to a modern taste with design elements that are more appealing and catching to a college kid’s eyes! because face it after seeing the bland walls of our campus it would be nice to see some variation on CUNY First!







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