Animated Photoshop Portraits

I never imagined being an artist, but thanks to professor Ryan I can proudly say that my creative side has taken flight! Today, I will be sharing one of my favorite CT101 projects called the Animated Portrait, using and Adobe Photoshop!

First, I selected a google image (over 2000 pixels) and adjusted the size of the image by clicking on the tool button in the drop-down menu. Next, I selected large in the options.

After setting the image size. I created my animated gif using a few easy steps!

  1. First, drag the image from the browser onto the desktop
  2. Launch the Adobe Photoshop application. Click on file then open to set the image inside the application.
  3. Select the crop tool, the fifth tool located on the toolbar by hovering the mouse over the image, both the crop tool and perspective crop tool   will appear. Click on the crop tool to remove any unwanted areas.
  4. After cropping, click the image tab on the menu bar at the top of your screen. Scroll to the adjustments option then click on the hues and saturation command
  5. Next, adjust the colors of your image either using the hue slider to change the range of colors in the image or the saturation slider to make colors more vivid or dull. Below depicts my play on increased saturation!

6. Click on file, then save as and rename the image as “number two” then convert the frame to a JPED by selecting the option in the drop-down menu below

7. Next, go to  and select the create button located on the top of the page. Choose the photo or gif option and select the file named “number two”

8. After the image uploads onto the site, click on the filter button and set the desired filter! Below depicts my use of the bad tv filter.

9. Click on the continue to upload button and add in a source URL, if desired. I will be using

10. Once the source is set, click the upload button on

11. Congratulations your gif has been created. And can be used for a wide variety of screen displays now!



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