A Dandy Adventure Into The World of Photoshop Candy!

Moving into the second half of my computer graphic course,  it was bye-bye illustrator and hello photoshop! Living in the 21st century, we’ve all had a bit of exposure to the use of photoshop whether to edit our Instagram pictures or creating image compositions for online content. Photoshop has played an active role in our social media lives. Being a non-photogenic person, I wasn’t initially thrilled with the idea of using this tool but after learning the basics of compositing images, retouching and color correction, PS has become my new found love in the world of digital content creating.  The first project assigned in this section was to create an imaginary and impossible world.  From the start, I knew I want to create a candy theme world because who wouldn’t want to live in a world that remained them of the Wonka candy factory and secondly for my huge sweet tooth! which I still enjoy guilt-free even with braces lol.

The first step was to find an image to create the base for my candied world using  https://unsplash.com. The macaroons were perfect!

Next, I had to cut out the macaroons and find the right background color to complement my world,  I choose purple.

After cutting out the cookies, it was time to find accent candies that would balance out the image. I choose these heart-shaped lollipops.

With the candies set, my last step was to find people that I could place inside the world to tell the story behind my idea!

In the end, this assignment was a little tricky for me, especially when using the quick selection tool to cut out the pieces for the world. However, I stumbled upon the lasso tool, which gave me more of a free hand moment when cutting making the process less tedious!

Ending in a beautiful creation I’m proud to call my own 🙂









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