Home Sweet Home!

Living in the “City that never sleeps” I have enjoyed many exciting New York attractions from electrifying, Times Square to the famous thrill ride, the Cyclone. However, only one place holds all the comforts of home, Turks and Caicos Islands, a charming archipelago nestled in the Atlantic Ocean. Apart from, its beauty Turks also has the world’s best beach; Grace Bay beach and delicious cuisine, including cracked conch and conch fritters. Below are a few photos taken during my summer break. 

The pristine, Grace Bay Beach!

The scenic pirate-themed galleria, Ports of Call.

While on vacation, I also enjoyed a fun day of  boating.

And dining on my favorite dish, cracked conch with peas and rice!





Where the Wild Things Are!

During my trip to Jamacia, I became wild about Hope zoo and all the animals that lived there! I remember being fascinated by different habitats and the memories of feeding manatees and monkeys with my older cousins. But, what struck me most is at age twenty-two, my favorite reason for visiting the zoo was watching the animals come alive before my eyes.

At the entrance, ready to explore!

The koi pond and well-manicured lawns were an absolute delight!

However, the best part of Hope Zoo was getting the chance to meet all the animals that live here. The sweet snacking turtle was a bit shy at first but eventually struck a pose!

Next were the gorgeous pink Caribbean flamingos peaking through their enclosure, while having a drink of water.

And the miniature horses, who were walking around there stable socializing.

As I continued to walk around the grounds, I visited the squirrel monkeys, an ostrich, an African lioness, a whitetail deer, the macaws, and a zebra.

Ending a great afternoon filled with nostalgic childhood wonder 🙂































Rastaman Vibration

During my visit to Jamaica, I also got a chance to visit the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, exploring the history behind Reggae, the genre of music indigenous to Jamaican culture. Located at 56 Hope Road, the museum is dedicated to Robert Nesta Marley, who is considered a pioneer in reggae music. The coolest thing about this museum is it was the former residence of the artist and also housed his recording studio, which produced many of his famous hits. The museum was also the scene for a failed assassination on Bob Marley’s life. Below are the few pictures I took during my visit!

Got my ticket ready 🙂

The museum’s entrance painted in the traditional colors of Rastafarianism, which reflected on Marley’s lifestyle being a member of the Rastafarian movement

There was also a mural featuring pictures of Bob Marley and his bandmates!

And a second mural featuring Bob Marley and his seven sons, all of whom have followed in their father’s musical footsteps.

There is a courtyard featuring the lion of Judah, which symbolizes Haile Selassie, the emperor of Ethiopia, known as Jah (god) to rastas.

The focal point of the museum is a life-size statue of Bob Marley, which measures 5 centimeters and 7 inches (Marley’s height).

However, the greatest lesson I learned on this tour was life is not about wealth or possessions, it is about love, peace and doing right by others,
a mantra relished by Bob Marley through his music.


Saint Jago de la Vega Cathedral

Traveling is about making new discoveries! The world can be anyone’s oyster from the rural vineyards of France to the remote beaches of the Caribbean. Traveling brings both new memories and exciting opportunities to learn about different cultures! The island of Jamaica is a luscious scenery featuring both vast mountains and tropical rainforests. The third-largest island of the Greater Antilles, Jamaica is the birthplace of reggae music and jerk chicken! Apart from its delicious food and feel-good music, Jamaica is also home to many historical sites that tell the story behind the island’s rich culture. Located in the parish of St.Catherine, in the city of Spanish Town is Saint Jago de la Vega Cathedral, one of the oldest Anglican churches outside of England!

Not only is this a beautiful monument but one of my favorite places I visited while in Jamaica. Below are a few snapshots I took!

From the brickwork structure to the intricate wooden details, the outside is not only appealing to look but a great church full of history!

While the inside of the church is graced with beautiful wooden beams and white molding that lace the walls furnished with dark wooden benches and various religious artifacts

But the most intriguing part of this cathedral would be the graves that encompass its structure.

Overall, Saint Jago de la vega cathedral is definitely worth a trip because it not only makes a great background for selfies but immerses you in true Jamaican culture.