Final Concept: The User Experience

Part One: Chelsea’s Delights main aim is interaction! How can a tech-savvy analyst and web designer create a positive user experience for a first-time baker to a stay at home mom? Allowing them the freedom to enjoy the essence of home baking, so bake on with your family and friends!

Part Two: User Persona A 

Name: Lauren Gomez

Age: 23

Race:  Latina

Occupation: Student

College Attending: Arizona State University

Major: Zoology

Minor:  Communications Technology


Short-term goals:

  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree
  2. Join the Festival Lovers and Event Planners club at ASU
  3. Become the Photo editor of the Yes! We Love Animals magazine
  4. Bake a cake for her twin sisters first birthday

Long-Term Goals 

  1. Become a zoologist
  2. Earn a master’s degree in sustainability
  3. Build a wildlife sanctuary for zoological studies
  4. Open her own photo studio, Life’s a Snapshot.

Facts about Lauren

  1. Enjoys taking selfies with her best friend, Rachel Meyers
  2. Loves wearing make-up, especially Anastasia Beverly Hills
  3. Highly creative 
  4. Enjoys shopping for the latest trends, Lauren is a subscriber to Vogue
  5. Loves desserts, especially carrot cake and double fudge brownies.
  6. Enjoys Digital Photography

Lauren Gomez or Lo is a creative sagittarius, who loves learning, especially about animals kingdoms. She enjoys going out with her friends and practicing  photography on the weekends. Her goal is to earn her bachelor’s degree in Zoology  and build her own animal sanctuary, Friends for Wildlife. Lauren plans to conduct investigations of different animals species, including tigers, zebras and lions and their interactions with the eco system. She also plans to study the effects of toxins and habit changes on animal reproduction.



Part Two: User Persona B

Name: Stephanie Rogers

Age: 32

Race: Caucasian

Status: Married (one child, daughter Emma Romena)

Location:  San Francisco, California

Education:  Bachelors of Baking and Pastry Arts

Occupation: Stay at home mom

Income: N/A


Facts about Stephanie 

  1. Enjoys taking selfies with her daughter Emma
  2. Highly creative
  3. Enjoys a nice bruschetta paired with cool mojito
  4. Loves to read, particularly Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts
  5. Enjoys drinking tea, especially vanilla chai and orange jasmine
  6. Strong baking skills- Stephanie loves baking with daughter. Her grandmother owes a bakery, The Sweet Delights Bake Shop.

Stephanie Rogers or Steph is a artsy Leo, who before having her daughter, Emma earned a bachelors in baking and pastry arts and worked for The Sweet Delights Bake Shop, where she acquired both a sharp business sense and a keen eye for creativity. Her goal was to start her own baking company, the House of Sweets. Stephanie planned to infuse her Irish roots into classic American desserts to give new meaning to San Franciso sweets. However, life had a different plan for Steph, she fell pregnant, a few months after signing the lease for her new bakery. Stephanie decided to settle down with her boyfriend of four years, Ethan and become a stay at home mom.


Part Three:  Screenshot of Survey Questions



Part Four: Answer to Survey

To obtain data for user experience testing. The researcher constructed an eleven question survey aimed at investigating people’s capabilities of home baking on behalf of Chelsea’s Delights baking app. The following results were collected from the distribution.

Data Collected











From the data collected, Chelsea’s Delights has an even distribution. Participants identified the need for a baking app that is not only interactive but practical with its features and layout.








Final Logo+Paper Prototype!

As I continue to work on conceptualizing my thoughts and ideas to ensure Chelsea’s Delights is not only a successful app but an efficient tool that both teaches and inspires new bakers to dream up delicious treats for any special occasions or a quiet night in!

For my logo, I decided I wanted to take the illustrations I previously designed and incorporate them into a simple logo that is feasible. The contrast of orange and lavender highlights the sweet treats that anyone can make using Chelsea’s Delights!


Similar to the first card sorting post, I created a cut of an iPhone to give a fun and creative approach to my method!

Next, I created three additional screens to explain the user flow of Chelsea’s Delights. To begin I scaled the logo of my app, which is featured in the first screen to conceptualize familiarities with the user like Snapchat with the white ghost and yellow background.

The second screen of my paper prototype features my bakery which I previously created in adobe illustrator. The user will be welcomed by the warm essence of my bakery! Looking at all those goodies who wouldn’t want explore, Chelsea’s Delights! 

The final screen for my paper prototype features the inside of my bakery, where users have access to my recipes, video demonstrations, icing techniques, and bakers chit chat. Similar to a menu board found at the bakery, where persons can order treats, my users will be ordering their custom teaching methods that suit their lifestyles. Chelsea’s Delights users will get a chance to meet me well, my avatar!

In conclusion, Chelsea Delights is an app which brings you delicious treats baked from scratch with love! But unlike traditional apps, Chelsea Delights brings the fun of the bakery at home! So grab that wooden spoon and let’s cream some butter and sugar already!

Event Flyer 2.0

For my event flyer, I wanted to use fun design elements and colors to attract the public to Bake For A Change! My initial thought was lime green against lavender to play with the principle of design, contrasting colors. However, after feedback from my peers, I decided to tone down the shade of green and readjust a few other elements to update my event flyer!

Mood Board + Flyer!

After a hectic weekend of too many assignments and not enough sleep, I was happy for a break! Communications Technology 160 is a class that has allowed me to explore my creativity! Thank You. For class this week, I was challenged to create a mood board and flyer for my final concept app design!

For my mood board, I wanted to capture the essence of homemaking! By combining a keen design thought and the essential principles of design such as  symmetrical balance, color contrast, and scale. The blue background gives a light and airy feel in constant to the sharp colors of the images.

For my event flyer I wanted to conceptualize both the layout and design elements to create a well-organized flyer that pays homage to a cause dear to my heart!  By combing contrasting colors, easy to read fonts and repetition. The Bake for Change event will surely be a hit!

Final Concept: The Brainstorm Blogpost

Gone are the festivities of summer, sunny days at the beach, and late-night partying with friends. As the COVID-19 virus continues to wreak havoc on our planet, and social distancing is the new characteristic of life, it’s hard to conceptualize the idea of a healthy planet Earth.

Apart from the social destruction is having to attend online classes, which is a tragedy. The first week of distance learning had me drowning.

Luckily, I have apps like Youtube or Twitter and my Stephen King books to keep me entertained during this quarantine. Thank you!

But back to the concept of apps! Have you ever wonder what goes into the development of an app? Today’s technology has gifted users with many great apps that help make our lives easier and efficient! from organizing our home to making dinner.

Remember how tragedic I felt about distance learning? In Communications Technology 160, I got the opportunity of creating an app, both a challenging and rewarding experience. By applying the design techniques of alignment, repetition, and use of contrasting colors. Unscratched offers a stay at mom or first-time bakers, the chance to enjoy home baking without the hassle!

Carrot cake, pineapple upside-down cake, or marble cake, sounds delicious? But try making them from scratch, yikes! However, with easy to follow recipes, live demonstrations, and Baker’s chitchat, the concept of home baking is unscratched.

Although Youtube offers baking videos, most subscriptions feature advanced techniques such as “How to make a three-tiered wedding cake with fondant” without diving into the basics of baking first! Unscratched makes combining eggs, sugar, and flour and creating light and fluffy homemade goods with a few simple tools and decorations.

Bakers’ chitchat is a feature not offered on most apps, where users can chat directly in live demonstrations, or direct message, Chelsea Romena, for any help with tips of tricks with push notifications, so you never alone when baking!

Decorating takes precise skill and a few years in the kitchen? Wilton cake ideas and more offers videos and tons of equipment to get you started! But, you don’t need to pipe roses onto a cake for it to be stunning, sometimes a simple border or icing does just the trick. With Unscratched’s easy to follow icing techniques, you can create baked goods with the Wilton presentation in half the time!

Welcome to Unscratched, the app that takes the concept of home baking and makes it unscratched. So bake on with your family and friends, it’s sure to bring tons of smiles!