Paper pro-types/Card Sorting

Spring 2020, wasn’t the semester, I initially hoped for, thanks to the COVID-19 virus all social activities have been canceled and worse off, I will be taking online classes for the rest of the semester, ugh. However, fun projects in CT 160 make up for the missed days.

For this assignment, I wanted to get a little more creative with my approach to paper prototyping/card sorting! What better way than to make colorful cutouts that express me as user analysts and my approach to enhancing the user experience!

PS: Although I missed class last Wednesday, I incorporated feedback from family members and friends to conduct my user testing!

First, I created a cut out of a desktop computer which, I sketched and outlined to make it more visually appealing for my research subjects!

Next, I created four separate computer screens to explain my card sorting theory using the latch method.

Afterward, I arranged the cutouts to describe the process of finding a course for an upcoming semester.

Step one:  Locate the course using the CUNYFirst (York College Course webpage). The user can find and choose course needed for majors and minors for an upcoming semester .

Step Two: Alphabetize each course by description and outline. Therefore, the user can get a small bite into the field of study and the expectations of the class before fully signing up for the class! 

Step Three: In this cutout, the method Time and Categorization are incorporated using a brand new feature of the CUNY First website! Professor Profiles, where students can get a little insight into their new professor. The categories of expectations, guidelines, experience and ratings will be listed along the side of each instructors profile while, the times that each course is schedule for will be listed by professor’s availability during the seamster, therefore students can plan when making their schedule!

Step Four: For the last cutout, the method of Hierarchy is incorporated using another new feature to the CUNY First website! Student Sharing! Where students of the same majors or minors can directly chat with each other to get and give feedback to help ease the process of choosing a professor. Therefore, a senior student in the field can rely information to an upcoming freshman

From the data collected, the user analyst received both positive and negative feedback during user testing! The use of cutout and vivid color scheme helped to engage the users, giving a clear representation of the methods of LATCH. However, some users felt that the process of card sorting needed a step or two more as the process felt a little rushed.

CUNY ReDesign User Experience


Part One: Group One’s main aim is enhancement! How can two tech-savvy analysts and a web designer create a positive user experience for the everyday college student? Allowing them the freedom to quickly access their school credentials and assignments through CUNY First even after an all-night study session or on the go!


Part Two:  CUNY User Persona

Name: Stacie Peters

Age: 25

Race: Caucasian

Occupation: Student

School Year: Junior

College Attending: York College

Major: Environmental Science

Minor: Double minor in Journalism and Studio Art


Short-term goals:

  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree
  2. Join the staff of Pandora’s Box
  3. Become Editor in chief of CUNY’s life the green way environmental magazine
  4. Acquire the status of presidency of the environmental health science club


Long-term goals:

  1. Become an environmental scientist and wildlife photographer
  2. Earn a master’s degree in energy and sustainability
  3. Earn a second master’s degree in journalism and fine arts
  4. Establish a research laboratory for environmental studies
  5. Attain a noble peace prize for sustainable development and peace
  6. Achieve a Pulitzer prize in journalism and a Goldman environmental prize
  7. Open her own bakery, The Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe


Facts about Stacie:

  1. Loves to bake
  2. Enjoys a nice pizza margherita paired with a strawberry daiquiri
  3. Highly creative
  4. Enjoys drinking tea, especially peppermint and vanilla chai
  5. Loves to read, particularly Stephen King and Earl Lovelace
  6. Enjoys black and white photography

Stacie Peters or Stace is a creative Capricorn who loves learning, especially about the environment! She enjoys hiking, nature trails, and taking part in extracurricular activities such as the environmental health science club and photography. Her goal is to earn her bachelor’s degree in environmental health science and build her research laboratory, Green Life Inc. Stacie plans to conduct investigations on air quality in lesser developed countries along with climate change and global warming in hopes of achieving a Noble Peace prize and Goldman environmental prize for her research. She also plans to open her own bakery, The Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe.


Part Three: Screenshot of Survey Questions



Part Four: Answer to Survey

To obtain data for our user experience testing. We constructed a 10-question survey aimed at investigating the current state of experience of York college students with CUNY First. The following results were collected from the distribution.

Data Collected

Student One:  Shanae Hart, 21


Student Two:  Cassie Khan, 21


Student Three: Davion Reeves, 20

From the data collected, the CUNY First website has a random distribution. Some students identified the site as hard to navigate while other students felt the site was simple to operate. However, all participants agreed that CUNY First could use a face-lift with its features and layout.



CUNY First 2.0

As a college student, I often find myself with too many assignments and not enough coffee in the day. So when it comes to quickly access my assignments or posting on blackboard. I should not have any issues. However, that is not always the case when using CUNY First.

One of CUNY First’s biggest problems is the notice of a violation error that pops up after clicking on my student center, which is not only an inconvenience when having to refresh the site’s page multiple times. But also affects the functionality of the website negatively.

Next, the general layout of the CUNY First is visually unappealing, as the color combination is bland and gives no appeal to its users. Creating no sort of balance or contrast.


CUNY First, also has no direct links to its major sections like Degree works or BlackBoard. Instead, I have to re-enter the same username and password in a new tab to complete my request?

The site also features, a shopping cart for class enrollment, swap and few other buttons that can help in the  picking of classes for the upcoming semester a bit easier. However, it can be still be updated to a modern taste with design elements that are more appealing and catching to a college kid’s eyes! because face it after seeing the bland walls of our campus it would be nice to see some variation on CUNY First!







User Testing Experience

Communications technology is a subject of great diversity from creating apps to user personas, I’ve become a C.E.O. Last week, my group Measure Tech inc got the exciting opportunity to product test our new line of rulers that aim to cater to the needs of business clients to every-day moms!

Below is the data collected from Measure Tech Inc’s research unit.

A three- point scale was used to rate each ruler, where the consumer gave the item a positive, negative and neutral score based on each ruler’s individual performance.

A bar graph was then charted to show the make-up of the written analysis from the data collected during the user testing experience. The key represents the rate of each ruler using a four-way color combo.

After reviewing both the point-system and graphs, the following feed back was concluded. It displays the individual write-up of each ruler with a catchy quote on their performance!