SnapChat 2.0

Living in a world, where selfies and social media go hand in hand, it’s no surprise that apps are popular among all ages. From instagram to snapchat, there are a zillion options to get your inner selfies glowing! For my app re-design I chose to work with snapchat as this is my favorite app for taking pictures and messaging friends! This assignment was both fun and challenging as with all photoshop projects. I added the known snap chatters icons to make the screenshot more accessible for new learners or pros, on the go! I also changed the “our story” to “your city” along with a known icon of the state to help make it easier to understand,  since snapchat uses geo location! By being able to make minot changes I was able to connect better with the app and make a few more New York  friends! thanks to city stories!

        Before                   After

UX Design Fails

From smart houses to biometrics, there is no doubt that technology is taking over planet earth. Remember the days of black and white television and no cellphones? Now we have virtual assistants to organize our lives and cars that start at the press of a button. However, there are still a few items that still don’t quite live up to 21st-century technological advances.

One example of a UX design fail is the Whats App delete message feature. Face it, we’ve all been in the position of accidentally sending messages to someone that wasn’t meant for them but thanks to this WhatsApp feature, we can delete it and pretend it never sent! However, informing the recipient that we’ve deleted the message, kind of defeats the purpose? Prompting the awkward response of ” Why did you delete the message?”

The second example of a UX design fail is the Service feature of the Movit app! Let’s be honest when you live in New York, the idea of a good-running transportation app is a necessity! Whether you’re a workaholic or a college student, no one wants to be stuck on a train mid-way to their destination. This screenshot does feature clearly written text. However, the highlighted blue neon writing tends to clash with the black background making it difficult for the commuter to read, especially at night. The symbols for the trains are also blurry, making it difficult to interpret Yikes!

The third example of a UX design fail is the Subway schedule of the Movit App. Again, I stress the importance for a good transportation app, because face it between long work hours or tons of assignments, the last thing you need is unreliable transportation methods. This screenshot does feature clearly written text, with a bit of contrast. However, it still lacks viability with symbols that help indicate which trains are affected. It also features a neutral color header with white text, that is not only hard to read but is visually dissatisfying for the commuter, creating frustration. 

User Persona Profile

Name: Daphne Singh

Race: Indian-Guyanese

Status: Married (one child, a daughter Lily Romena)

Location: Los Angeles, California

Education:  Bachelors of Fashion Design

Occupation: Stay at home mom

Income: N/A


Facts about Daphne

    1. Enjoys taking selfies with her daughter Lily
    2. Loves wearing make-up, especially Fenty beauty and Too-Faced
    3. Enjoys a nice Carbonara paired with a glass of red wine
    4. Highly creative
    5. Keen eye for fabrics and colors
    6. Knowledgable of latest fashion trends, Daphne is a monthly subscriber to Harper Bazaar
    7. Strong sewing skill – Daphne loves designing costumes for daughter, Lily.

Daphne Singh or Daph is a creative taurus, who before having her daughter, Lily earned a bachelors in fashion design and worked for the House of Zoe and Chlo, where she acquired both a sharp business sense and brilliant eye for superb detail. Her goal was to start her own fashion company, the House of Singh. Daphne planned to infuse her Caribbean roots with the artsy fashion style to give new meaning to LA fashion. However, life had different plans for Daph, she fell pregnant, a few months after signing the lease for her new fashion studio. Daphne, decided to settled down with her boy- friend of two years, Derek and become a stay at home mom.


Behavior:  Daphne enjoys using the craft ruler, as she is still able to have a little taste of the fashion designer life, whether it’s sketching out designs for play dresses for Lily and her friends or to marking out fabrics for Halloween costumes. Daphne loves that the craft ruler can be used as a teaching aid to explore mathematics with her 5 year old or . Daphne also loves that at the end of a busy day it can be stored easily when she’s on the go with laundry or cooking.IMG_9718.jpg